FarmVille Pic of the Day: Score a goal at Famramcas' soccer stadium farm

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FarmVille Referee Cow
FarmVille Referee Cow

Calling all footy fans, this one's for you. We haven't seen a sports themed farm since turtle derby stadium, but now, FarmVille player Famramcas has created a soccer stadium from his farm by crafting the playing field with grass, hay bales, and hedges. In fact, all the green of the football pitch (which is what the field is called in soccer) is made out of hedges. You can see that the pitch rises above the ground by looking at the bottom right edge, where a row of Crops Mastery signs stand halfway above it. All the goal lines are drawn by white hay bales. Darker patches of green highlight the goal boxes and center spot, which appear to be done with Tall Grass.

To fill out the pitch's surroundings, Famramcas put out a Shamrock Castle as a watchtower to the left, benches for stadium seating around the top, two silos to the right, some flags, a crop cart by the entrance along with a wreath on the ground made of seven White Star Hay Bales.

Although FarmVille did release a soccer theme for the 2010 World Cup, the items were meager and the soccer field they offered was pretty small. Though it'd be nice if he can squeeze some soccer critters in there, such as the Kick Ewe and Referee Cow. But those probably won't come around again until 2014.

When you see or hear the word "football" do you think American Football or Soccer?
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