FarmVille Lighthouse Cove land expansion sale happening now!

As we've all come to know (and perhaps hate) about FarmVille's third farm, Lighthouse Cove, you're limited on the amount of individual farm plots you can place on your farm dependent on how far you've expanded the farm itself. While we've seen coin versions of expansions up to the 22x22 mark be released (slowly by surely), if you're still not at the level you'd like to be, and are fine shelling out some Farm Cash to get there, you can now expand through the 26x26, 28x28 and 30x30 land expansions for around 50% off each one.

Oddly enough, there isn't a sale option for the Beachfront Property, 24x24 land expansion, so in order to unlock these three options that are on sale, you'll still have to pay 100 Farm Cash to reach that point. If you've already done so, however, you can purchase each new expansion for around half of what they originally cost, which is a pretty good deal, all things considered. Here's the specific rundown:

Shoreline Acres (26x26) - 50 Farm Cash (originally 120)
Seashore Villa (28x28) - 75 Farm Cash (originally 145)
Bayside Estate (30x30) - 100 Farm Cash (originally 170)

Unfortunately, that still doesn't round out the full selection of expansions in Lighthouse Cove, as the 32x32 expansion sits at its normal price, a whopping 195 Farm Cash. Still, if you take advantage of these sales while they happen, you can expand quicker, and for far less real-world many than you would have been forced to pay originally. Either way, could this sale mean that Zynga is trying to claim any remaining Farm Cash that they can before releasing these land expansions for coins as well? It's an interesting theory, and we'll make sure to let you know if it holds weight in the future.

Will you purchase any of these Lighthouse Cove land expansions while they're on sale? Let us know in the comments.