Zynga starts decorating really early in CityVille Holidaytown for iPhone

CityVille HolidaytownWe can just imagine the meeting that spawned CityVille Holidaytown: "You know what, this is the holidays, gosh darn it! Forget an in-game event--we're doing a full-blown Christmas--er Holiday game." Zynga has released its second CityVille game to the App Store, CityVille Holidaytown, and what better way to stir the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa (did we get them all?) spirit than an iPhone game?

The game looks like it plays essentially the same way as CityVille Hometown, but swap the human residents for elves and and bricks homes for gingerbread houses. Players are tasked with building the ultimate Christmas town with, of course, the help of their Facebook friends. Zynga's first-ever holiday-themed game is governed by quests, much like the original, though it's not connected to your web CityVille game.

Simply put, CityVille Holidaytown is a CityVille dedicated solely to ringing in the holidays (even if a tad early). With the stress of the holidays that begins on the dot on Nov. 25, the least this game could do is get you in the mood to celebrate amidst the Christmas chaos. Besides, it's 100 percent free to play ... now we've got your attention.
CityVille Holidaytown on iPhone
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