CityVille City Center: Everything you need to know

I hope you're ready to party, as Zynga has launched a first birthday celebration in CityVille, and that means tons of prizes, and even one heck of a functional building for you in this event. First and foremost, over the next 20 days, you'll be asked to complete a goal called "CityVille's Birthday," which mainly revolves around something called the City Center. This City Center in itself is a Community Building, raising your maximum population cap, but it also functions as a "Neighborhood" for Community Buildings, so that you can store them and free up some space on your land.

The City Center will be given to you for free via the CityVille's Birthday goal. You'll then need to upgrade the building to Level 7 and visit 30 neighbors to finish the entire goal and walk away with a whopping 5 million coins as a reward. But how do you upgrade the City Center? Well, once you place the City Center into your town (warning - it has an incredibly large base), you'll need to start collecting items with your friends' help to upgrade.

The base of the building is simply Level 1, but once you start to upgrade, you'll be able to store Community Buildings inside, all of the way up to Level 7, where you'll be able to store up to 12 Community Buildings in this single City Center. To upgrade to Level 2, for instance, you'll need to collect four each of Champagne, Poppers and Noisemakers. The Champagne is earned through individual gift requests sent to friends, while the Poppers and Noisemakers come through general requests you'll place on your wall. You can also purchase the ingredients for City Cash.

When you reach Level 2, this City Center will be able to hold three Community Buildings, and will offer a boost to your maximum population of 3,000 citizens. You'll be able to collect 600 coins from the building every few hours. To be especially clear, this City Center itself comes with its own population boost, on top of the boosts you've earned from building the stored Community Buildings themselves. Also, it looks like we won't be able to store any Community Buildings at this exact time, but all of the slots you've unlocked by upgrading will become available after this limited time event ends. It's a confusing setup, and we've reached out to Zynga for clarification.

As you level up the building, you'll need to ask for help from more and more friends, but if you can make it to Level 7, the City Center will then offer 10x the payout as before. It, again, will also allow you to store more buildings than before, up to the maximum of 12. At the end of this event - 20 days from now - we'll apparently all be eligible to receive a special Mystery Bonus in our towns. If you fully upgrade the City Center before these 20 days elapse, you'll simply receive the bonus then. What is the bonus? As of this writing, it unfortunately really is a mystery, but we'll make sure to fill you in as we learn more.

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Are you excited to be able to store Community Buildings in this new City Center? What other events do you hope Zynga launches to celebrate CityVille's first birthday? Sound off in the comments.