Angry Birds Seasons 'Wreck the Halls' to crash-land for Christmas?

Angry Birds Christmas
Rovio, it's not even Thanksgiving yet, so can we at least give it until Nov. 25? Ahem, anyway, Angry Birds Nest reports that the next update to Angry Birds Seasons will be titled "Wreck the Halls" in time for everyone's favorite holiday(s). The fan website found evidence of the upcoming update within the Angry Birds Seasons Game Center and Achievements pages.

A new logo has cropped up beside the game's title with the red bird sitting in a wintry landscape, while the leaked achievement that gives the update's title away sits at the very bottom of the Achievements page, it seems. Unfortunately, this is all we have to go off of. (But you rabid Angry Birds fans are already beginning to salivate at the thought of new pigs to pop, aren't ya?)
Angry Birds Seasons Wreck the Halls
The most reason Angry Birds Seasons update brought a new bird into the fold, so we're sure this new update will accommodate his abilities rather nicely. Who knows, Rovio could have thought up yet another new bird!

[Via PocketGamer]

What is Rovio cooking up for this holiday season's annual Angry Birds romp? Let the rampant speculation begin in the comments. Add Comment.
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