Empires & Allies Turkey Turmoil Mini Series: Everything you need to know

Who says the military can't celebrate Thanksgiving? Apparently, your island nation in Empires & Allies goes absolutely gaga for turkeys around this time of year, and Mac just so happens to also be up for re-election. Combine the two and you have Mac's grand idea to pardon every turkey in the land, before they become dinner. This all comes through a new "mini-series" within the game called Turkey Turmoil, that offers you three different goals to complete, each with a different difficulty.

Easy - Pardon Me Sir

  • Collect 10 Turkey Chow Boxes

  • Have Neighbors Send 10 Bashful Turkeys for Mac

  • Gather 100 Brown Turkeys

These Brown Turkeys are earned by fighting, tending to items on your island, or by helping neighbors' islands when you visit them. The Turkey Chow Boxes, meanwhile, are earned through individual item requests.

Medium - Mercy is for the Weak

  • Collect 20 Turkey Chow Bags

  • Have Neighbors Send 20 Speedy Turkeys for Mac

  • Gather 500 Brown Turkeys

Here's the same sort of situation as before, but you'll need Speedy Turkeys, rather than Bashful ones, and Turkey Chow Bags, rather than Boxes.

Hard - Free Bird

  • Collect 40 Turkey Chow Drums

  • Have Neighbors Send 40 Stuffed Turkeys for Mac

  • Gather 1,000 Brown Turkeys

Here, you're given another similar setup, asking your friends to send you Turkey Chow Drums rather than Boxes or Bags, and Stuffed Turkeys instead of Bashful or Speedy ones.

When you finish each of these three goals, you'll receive one of nine Mystery Prizes as your reward. To be specific, each goal has a different set of nine prizes that you may win. For instance, the easy goal may reward you with energy or some lesser military units, while the hardest goal has the possibility of offering you a Platinum Raven, the most powerful unit currently in the game. It's all in the luck of which item you receive when you complete these three goals individually.

Since Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, these goals are timed, giving you just 12 days to complete the entire mini-series. Now, who's hungry!?

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What do you think of this Turkey Turmoil mini-series in Empires & Allies? Have you already collected plenty of Brown Turkeys, or are you finding it to be a more complicated process than it seems? Sound off in the comments.