CityVille Family Complex Neighborhood: Everything you need to know

If you're the average CityVille player, you likely have far more Family-type residences than any other in your town - you know, those buildings like the Colonial Chalet that were so good for stats when you were first leveling up. Well, if you've already placed and built a Gated Community and a Francis Woods Neighborhood, but still need more storage space (unique storage space at that), you can now purchase a third Neighborhood specifically for Family Residences: the Family Complex.

This one costs 10,000 coins to build from the store and has a base that is much smaller than any other Neighborhood released to date. It will still hold 15 individual homes when it's fully expanded, but you'll save even more space in your town by using this particular Neighborhood. The base requires six whacks to build, and by simply placing the base in your town, you'll complete this one's accompanying goal, giving you 1,000 coins as a reward (making this first Family Complex cost only 9,000 coins at the end of the day).

Upon completion of the base, you'll have a Neighborhood that can hold two houses. Depending on how large those houses are, you could already be saving space, given the small size of the Neighborhood itself. You'll then need to ask three friends to be staff in your building to earn three more storage spaces in "Block 1." As usual, to unlock Block 2 and 3, you'll need to collect increasingly large groups of building materials through either wall posts or individual requests sent to friends. After you've collected the building ingredients for Block 2, you'll still need to have more friends come help as staff to unlock those five storage spots on the block. Continue this cycle for Block 3 until you have a completely finished, and downright tiny Neighborhood (at least in comparison to the others) that holds 15 houses, freeing up a ton of space on your land!

If all further Neighborhoods come with this smaller base, this is a great step in the right direction by Zynga. Sure, the process of asking friends for help all of the time can be a bit draining, but at least now it seems far more worth it in the end.

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What do you think? Will you delete your old Neighborhoods in exchange for these smaller models, or will you simply only purchase these ones from now on? Sound off in the comments.