Adventure World Supply Drop: Everything you need to know

While I've never really considered earning Supplies in Adventure World as "difficult" a prospect as having enough energy, apparently Zynga feels we should be given yet another method of earning them (aside from visiting friends or order Supplies from our boats). Now, you can build a Supply Drop station on your land - a helipad of sorts that will allow Supplies to be airlifted in for you by nearby airplanes. Before you can start ordering Supplies, however, you'll need to build this Supply Drop for use.

Once you place the base, you'll need to collect six different building materials in bulk:

  • 8 Beacons

  • 8 Steel

  • 8 Sandbags

  • 8 Crates

  • 8 Parachutes

  • 8 Stamps

For these items, the Beacons, Sandbags and Parachutes are earned through individual requests sent to your friends, while the Steel, Crates and Stamps are collected via general requests you'll post to your wall. Once it's built, you can use it to order in Supplies over time, similarly to how you order Supplies from boats out on your dock of Base Camp.

There's also a quest to complete to go along with this Supply Drop called, appropriately, "Build a Supply Drop!" You'll need to place the base, upgrade the Supply Drop to Level 2 (which would of course require going through the building process above first) and then harvest Supplies from the Supply Drop three times. A fairly straight-forward quest, if not a time consuming one, since you'll need to wait for your friends to help you with the parts to construct the Supply Drop in the first place. Happy adventuring!

What do you think of this Adventure World Supply Drop? Do you like it more than the Coffee Plant that was released to give us free energy? Let us know in the comments.