Adventure World Snake Den Expedition: Everything you need to know

While you may have already completed the Crash Site Expedition in Adventure World, and retrieved Zoey's cargo from the downed plane, apparently the debris trail went on farther than we first thought. Or so, that seems to be the case in another new Expedition added to the game this week: Snake Den. The Snake Den Expedition requires 700 Supplies, and two each of Food, Fuel and Water to access. Once started, you'll have five days to finish this Expedition, but you'll also be able to bring in five of your friends to speed things along. Let's get to it!

Snake Hunt

  • Defeat 10 Snakes

  • Collect Oil Drums

  • Collect Food Pallet

Apparently, snakes will eat anything you put in front of them, as they started munching on your lost cargo as soon as this particular section of the plane landed in their den. You'll know if a snake has a piece of cargo by looking for a lump in their throat. The Food Pallet, meanwhile, is located towards the top of the map, blocked by more snakes or debris. Finally, the Oil Drums are found near a Blue Trap and the water.

Great White

  • Defeat Great White

  • Collect Zoey's Crate

  • Collect five Jade Vases

The leader of this snake pack is called the Great White, and he gets that name from his body's color. He's not only swallowed a piece of cargo, but he's also sitting right next to Zoey's Crate on the far right side of the map. For the Jade Vases, these are scattered throughout the map, as usual, guarded by snakes, blocked by debris or even by traps.

Seal It Up

  • Collect 8 TNT from Snakes

  • Place TNT near Snake Den Entrance

  • Ask for 15 Detonator Caps

  • Use Plunger to Seal the Snake Den

In this particular quest is where we find the time consuming element of this Expedition, as you'll need to wait for your friends to send you the Detonator Caps via individual requests. Meanwhile, you'll find that the Snakes have also swallowed TNT. After you've collected all of the necessary pieces, you can place TNT in multiple locations on the edge of the crash site. You may not be able to clear the debris entirely out of the jungle, but you can at least stop snakes from eating any more of it.

When you finish this quest, you will have finished this fairly straightforward Expedition. Snakes require multiple energy to kill, and of course you'll need to rely on your friends to finish the third quest, with both elements adding to the overall time it will take you to complete this one. Still, with a five day time limit, you'll likely be able to finish all three with time still on the clock. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Snake Den Expedition? Did you like this side-quest set concerning the crashed plane, or would you rather stick to the main story of opening El Dorado? Sound off in the comments.