Adventure World Crash Site Expedition: Everything you need to know

Being based in the middle of the jungle is a precarious situation in Adventure World, and it looks like that might have finally taken its toll on one of your teammates. While trying to deliver cargo way out here in the jungle, an Adventure Society plane has crashed, giving us a new Expedition where we'll investigate the crash site. Appropriately enough, this Expedition is called "The Crash Site," and you'll have five days to complete it. You'll need 700 Supplies, along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water before you can begin your search for survivors, but once you have that, you'll also be able to add five friends in on this Expedition for bonus energy. Let's get started.

Recover the Cargo

  • Defeat two Bushmaster Snakes

  • Speak to the Pilot

  • Recover Zoey's Supply Crate

Upon entering this Expedition, we learn that the pilot has survived the crash, but is now trapped on a map full of debris, snakes and fire. The supplies he was bringing were apparently very valuable, so after you make sure he's alright (he's only a few energy away from the start of the map), you'll need to go after that cargo. Of course, the cargo isn't in as nice a location, being up a mountain at the back of the map, requiring either lots of debris removal (and fighting with snakes) or grapples, which are purchased for 1,000 coins each.

Only You Can Prevent Jungle Fires

  • Find Professor McGillicuddy's Fire Extinguisher

  • Extinguish 10 Fires

As the plane apparently exploded upon impact, fire spread throughout the jungle, and if you leave it unchecked, it will surely spread! You'll need to find the Fire Extinguisher, which is located toward the right of the map, and then backtrack through the various areas of the map putting out 10 fires.

Plant the Flares

  • Ask friends for 9 Flares

  • Place a Flare on the First Peak

  • Place a Flare on the Second Peak

  • Place a Flare on the Third Peak

Here, you'll need to ask your friends for Flares through a general news item posted on your wall. Once you start collecting flares, you'll need to travel to the far ends of the map, and climb the mountains located there. Remember the mountain where Zoey's Cargo sits? Keep climbing a few steps more and you'll see one such Flare Peak, as seen below.

All told, this particular Expedition wouldn't be so hard, but some of the debris requires three of more energy each to remove, and the Grapple segments could seriously drain your in-game wallet, if you choose to go those routes. If not, you're looking at spending even more energy combating snakes and debris that block the other paths. Plus, you're also stuck waiting for friends to send you items, and if they never come, you'll never be able to finish this Expedition without Adventure Cash. Either way, we wish you luck with completing this one - hopefully you'll be able to rescue the pilot and put out those fires before the entire jungle burns down!

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What do you think of this Crash Site Expedition? Is it easier than it looks, or are you happy we've been given a full five days to complete it? Sound off in the comments.