Fact: Women who play online games have more sex

women online games more sex surveyYes, it's true, says a new survey by Harris Interactive for GameHouse. Women who play online games are not only a little older, a little happier but they're also making whoopie more often than those who don't play games. Hel-lo Mrs. Robinson.

"Maybe if we all watched a little less TV and played more games online, we'd all be having a little more sex," GameHouse Chief Gamer Matt Hulett says. "Joking aside, this survey matches up with our internal data that women are widely embracing online games with 63% of GameHouse players being women. It's nice to know that females who play online games are happy – both in their relationships and even in the bedroom."

OK, so if you take a closer look at the numbers in the infographic (below), only a small percentage of people in this group have sex more than your typical non-game playing woman. But even a slight change in amorous activities may be reason enough to start playing FarmVille or the umpteen other free online games.

The survey also says ladies who play games online have better relationships -- 64% are married or living with someone, 70% are happy with those relationships and about half of the respondants say playing games make them feel both happier and smarter.

As an added bonus, lady online gamers generally do not fit the sedentary, overweight gamer stereotype. In fact, they are just as physically active as someone who doesn't play online games. What kind of activity does that entail? Apparently, workouts both outside and inside the boudoir.

Check out more factoids from the survey in the infographic below.

women who play games online have more sex
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