Playfish makes it rain on The Sims Social players on the regular

Sims Social SimCash
Sims Social SimCash

Again, for no reason at all. On Thursday, Playfish made a fairly groundbreaking change to The Sims Social's Daily Bonus. Now, every fifth consecutive log-in into the game will result in a random amount of free SimCash. Players can win up to 10 SimCash from the new feature, again, every five days. There's no word of this being a promotion or an event--this is a permanent change.

The Playfish community team issued a forum poll to gauge the change's effectiveness, and an impressive 41 percent of 102 voters reported receiving 10 free SimCash as a result of the new Daily Bonus. That's pretty much a guaranteed 10 SimCash every three weeks. Now, we might say that Playfish and EA are doing this "for no reason at all," but sadly it's clear.

The Sims Social may be the second best performing Facebook game to CityVille with 33.4 million monthly players and 5.9 million daily players, but both of those figures have been in decline for almost a month now. In fact, according to AppData, it's only been in the past two days that the drop has leveled off and stabilized. So, you can imagine that a promotion like this is not only to keep things stabilized, but likely to bring daily player numbers back up too. Nothing says "Please come back?" like free stuff.

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