Public Sector Job Satisfaction Lags Private-Sector Counterparts

Employees in the private sector continued to be more satisfied with their jobs, the way their organizations work and their supervisors than their counterparts in the federal government, according to data released this week by the Partnership for Public Service.

According to an analysis by Hay Group contained in the 2011 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government, the index of overall job satisfaction among employees at large private sector companies was 70 out of 100, a slight drop from 70.6 in 2010. For employees at federal agencies, the score was 64 out of 100, a drop from 65 in 2010. (Graph above.)

The Best Places to Work analysis shows that the federal government outperforms the private sector in only one of about dozen criteria for job satisfaction, scoring two points higher when it comes to having an opportunity to improve skills.

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