Gardens of Time celebrates Thanksgiving with three premium scenes

Gardens of Time is getting into the holiday spirit this month, as Playdom has released a new Thanksgiving chapter in the game called "Turkey Time!" Unfortunately, this chapter is premium, meaning that it's only available for Gold. However, if you are willing to shell out 76 Gold to purchase it, you'll receive 280 Gold worth of content, including three scenes as just a start.

One scene is an outdoor nature scene, with a pilgrim on horseback, another is a farmland and barn, while the third is the Thanksgiving dinner table, ready for guests. As with other scenes in the game, these can be mastered by playing them repeatedly. As you play each scene, you'll unlock specific rewards for that scene. For instance, the outdoor nature scene offers you a turkey decoration, while the Thanksgiving dinner table scene offers you a pilgrim ship. If you can complete all three scenes to the four-star mastery level, you'll receive one final prize: the Red Farm House.

With the current price of Gold in Gardens of Time, this Turkey Time chapter is an investment of around $18 US, but if you love Thanksgiving, or simply love exclusive, themed content within the game, this is a package you'll definitely want to consider. The question now remains: will we see something similar released for Christmas in the game, or will that package be even more extravagant still?

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Will you purchase the Turkey Time Thanksgiving Chapter in Gardens of Time? Would you purchase it if it cost a large amount of Silver coins instead? Sound off in the comments.

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