FarmVille Pic of the Day: Water surges through ZappIce's farm

farmville zappice featured farm
farmville zappice featured farm

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We don't often see good landscape-style farms, but when a nice one comes along, boy is it a treat. Lucky for us, ZappIce takes the realistic approach to farm designing with this flowing river farm.

This FarmVille design is the complete package. Not only does it have that fantastic river made up of hundreds of blue hay bales, but it also has a forest, something we've slowly been seeing more of lately in farm designs. Personally, I think a carefully crafted FarmVille forest is one of the nicest ways to spruce up an ordinary looking farm. The trick is in the tree placement. If you're too orderly with your trees, you'll end up with more of a pattern rather than a natural effect. The mountains at the top, the sailing ships, the beach, the lighthouse, and the small town nuzzling into the trees really add to the overall effect. ZappIce's attention to detail really puts this farm on another level. This could easily be a historic village, and it's certainly one of the most pleasant farms I've seen.

What do you think of ZappIce's farm?

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