CityVille Michael Jackson Event / Goals: Everything you need to know

Earlier this week, we brought you a preview of a new cross-promotional event happening in CityVIlle that will introduce the late King of Pop Michael Jackson to the game. Similar to the Enrique Iglesias event that took place a few weeks ago, this event will see you placing a new concert arena in your town, and then playing shows at that arena to complete a collection. Here's a complete rundown of this event, and what you'll need to do to receive all of the items available therein.

Smooth Criminal

  • Place and Complete MJ's Immortal Arena

  • Play 3 Immortal Shows

  • Collect all 5 Parts of the MJ Collection

By placing this stage, you give a chance for your virtual citizens to watch the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour concert, presented by Cirque du Soleil, and also unlock a video for you to watch yourself. As for the stage proper, you'll need to whack it eight times to complete the frame, and then collect building materials to finish it off. You'll need the following:

  • 4 Trapeze

  • 4 Neon Light Suits

  • 4 Zombie Costumes

  • 4 Strobe Lights

  • 4 Moonwalk Shoes

The Neon Light Suits, Moonwalk Shoes and Trapeze items are earned through general news items posted to your feed, while the Strobe Lights and Zombie Costumes are earned through individual requests sent to your neighbors.

After completing the stage and activating the concert for the first time, you'll be able to watch the video I mentioned earlier, and can then wait five minutes for the in-game concert to end at the arena. By collecting your profits, you'll be able to receive random items for the MJ Collection. The concert can be reactivated every four hours, until you have all of the collection pieces, and by finally finishing this goal (seen above), you'll receive the Giving Tree decoration which offers a 10% bonus payout.

MJ Fan Club

  • Ask friends for 2 MJ Posters

  • Start 5 Flash Mobs

  • Collect 30 Residences

Don't worry - the Flash Mob task is easier than it might sound. You'll just need to collect from businesses and residences to have a random chance of starting a flash mob, so if you stay on top of that, you'll reach five in no time. Luckily, you need to collect from 30 residences for the last part of this goal. Once you finish these three tasks, you'll receive the MJ Hot Air Balloon, another decoration that offers a 6% payout bonus.

Whether you've already started working on your Immortal Concert Arena or not, you'll want to keep this in mind: this event will end in eight days. You may be able to keep the arena afterwards, but your chance to complete these goals, and earn the prizes at the end, will vanish in a little more than a week, so get started!

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Are you excited to see the late, great King of Pop given such an event in CityVille? Which other musicians or entertainers would you like to see come town? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.