Zynga temp worker accused of $100K theft, caught on security camera

Zynga thief
Zynga thief

Surprise--you're on candid security camera. At least that's what FarmVille maker Zynga seems to think of 21-year-old Keith Brown, a temp worker in the developer's San Francisco headquarters. Brown is accused of stealing $100,000 worth in desktops, laptops and software from the building between Oct. 31 and Nov. 15, the date of his arrest.

According to The San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco District Attorney's Office spokesman Omid Talai said that Brown's alleged theft was caught on security camera footage. Brown was escorted from Zynga HQ by security and handed off into police custody. "At this point, he's the only Zynga employee arrested for doing this," Talai told the San Francisco Examiner.

Since Zynga is a multibillion dollar company (with likely very, very strong security) expected to make even more billions in its imminent initial public offering, we're not surprised. Still in custody and said to have been arraigned in San Francisco Superior Court on Wednesday, Brown faces four felony counts of commercial burglary, one of receiving stolen property, one of grand theft and one of embezzlement.

We've certainly heard of theft surrounding Zynga's games and other social games. (We've even heard Zynga itself be accused of theft in a way.) But allegations of physical property stolen directly from the company is a first. We've reached out to Zynga for comment.

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