Lunchtime Poll: Would you play a (real) Twilight Facebook game?

Twilight Breaking Dawn
Twilight Breaking Dawn

Today is Nov. 17, but for millions of ladies (and maybe some gents) out there, it means oh, so much more. It's Twilight Eve, after all. Alright, so not officially--though, you'd think it would be by now--but it is the night before Twilight: Breaking Dawn hits theaters. Many ladies have likely already called out of work tomorrow to see the long-awaited film when it lands at midnight.

As you already know, branded games are huge on Facebook--nearly every major TV release in recent memory has its own social game from Weeds to Dexter and even Pawn Stars. So, we can't help wonder: Why in the world is one of the biggest movie releases of the year without a Facebook game? The closest fans ever got to one was numerous nods to the iconic franchise in games like the The Sims Social and PetVille. And who could forget that dirty scam?

When a TV show like The Vampire Diaries gets its own social game, you have to ask how Summit Entertainment's marketing team missed this golden opportunity. That is, of course, assuming you'd actually want to play a Twilight-themed social game. So, we want to know:

Would you play a Twilight Facebook game?
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