Sims Social: Earthling what is ... WooHoo? quest walkthrough

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Ahh.. geek out! It's sci-fi week in The Sims Social and, in addition to furniture and decor that looks like it was ripped from the set of Buck Rogers, there's a new mission called 'Earthing, what is... WooHoo?"

The new seven-step quest has a time limit of five days, and if you deem it worthy of your time, you will be rewarded with a futuristic refrigerator, the "Nice Cold Fridge," which gives you Simoleons, XP and a fun or hunger boost when you use it.

Also, unlike the two Japan quests from last week, this one requires minimal Simoleons and can be done relatively quickly if you're persistent. So let's jump right into it:

Earthing, what is... WooHoo? Part 1

earthing what is woohoo goal 1

Delete gossip fives times (on your own computer)
Ask two Sims to vouch for you
Have 6 Goodwill (do 'nice' stuff or ask friends to send you some)

15 Lifetime points
30 Simoleons
15 Experience Points
2 Energy

earthling what is woohoo rewards 1

Earthing, what is... WooHoo? Part 2

sims social earthing woohoo

Have 10 Hammers (repair things to get them or ask friends to send 'em to you)
Research Translator Doobries (click on any bookshelves eight times to research, will cost 8 energy)
Buy Universal Translator Doobrie (go to the Clothes section, then the Head area and buy the Doobrie for a (reasonable) 1,000 Simoleons)

universal translator doobrie

15 Lifetime Points
30 Simoleons
15 XP

Earthing, what is... WooHoo? Part 3

earthling what is woohoo part 3

Buy 4 Clothes from the new sci-fi collection
You will already get credit for buying the Universal Translator Doobrie. If you want to spend minimal Simoleons, buy wrist bands which cost 300 Simoleons.

sci-fi wrist bands

Buy 3 sci-fi items
I recommend buying the LookForward Dress, Posture, Poise chairs for 200 Simoleons, and the Specimen A and Specimen B plants for 200 Simoleons.

Use the new Hygenix Ocean
Go to Bella's house and you'll see a big blue boxy looking thing in the bathroom, click on it and perform any action to get credit)

hygenix ocean

Earthing, what is... WooHoo? Part 4

sims social earthling quest part 4

Show the alien what being friendly to other Sims means
Show the alien what being mean to other Sims means
Show the alien what flirting means

Visit your neighboring Sims, click on them and choose mean, friendly and flirty actions. Note: You can only do one of each action per sim. If you click on a sim and try to do, say, four mean actions in a row, only the first will count toward the goal. In other words, you need to do a mean, friendly and flirty action to four different Sims.

30 Lifetime Points
150 Social Points
30 XP

Earthing, what is... WooHoo? Part 5

sims social earthling part 5

Have 12 Alien Fury by chatting to electronics
Have 12 Alien Love by chatting to electronics

Put on your Universal Translator Doobrie and try communicating with other Sims.

Equip your space-age goggles and then visit friends. Click on the Sim and choose to 'Communicate Electronically'

Earthing, what is... WooHoo? Part 6

sims social earthling

Research Alien Probing
Click on your computer and select the Alien Probing option 10 times. You can only do this on your computer, so it will requrie 10 energy to complete.

Ask friends if they've been probed
Post a request to your Facebook Wall, three friends will have to respond to complete the goal.

Check if been probed
Visit 6 Sims, click on them and ask if they have been probed.

50 Lifetime Point
150 Simoleons
60 XP
75 Social Points

Earthing, what is... WooHoo? Part 7
sims social earthling 7
Check the Stars
Click on any telescope and select the 'Check the Stars' action. Make sure you don't accidentally click 'Look at Stars.' This activity costs no energy and you can perform the action as many time as you want, your Sim will not get bored.

Add 3 New Neighbors
Invite three new Sims Social players to be your neighbor. They don't have to accept for you to fulfill the goal.

Ask for Galactic Directions

Visit 6 friends, click them and select 'Ask for Galactic Directions'

Nice Cold Fridge
Check supplies: Drops 9 Simoleons, 10 XP, increases 'fun'
Order Shopping: Drops 9 Simoleons, 10 XP, increases 'hunger' (meaning, you'll be less hungry, not more)
House Value increases by 50

sims social earthling what is reward

Did you find any problems with the Earthling, what is... WooHoo quest? Got any other must-know tips? Sound off in the comments. Add comment.
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