FarmVille Sneak Peek: Meet Winter Wonderland's Zing the Elf

Whether you're ready or not, winter is coming in FarmVille, and it comes in the form of a fourth farm called Winter Wonderland. While we have already taken a few guesses as to what this farm will be like (essentially Lighthouse Cove but with a train track instead of the cove), we have been given a few more concrete details today, via the big Z itself on the game's Facebook Fan Page.

Here, we meet Zing the Elf, a new character that will apparently lead us through our time in the Winter Wonderland farm. With this introduction comes another look at the farm itself. We see the same Peppermint Candy Market Stall, but we also see what looks to be a Train Station (I'm guessing, via the clock above the main door) and a cozy cabin. We can also see Gingerbread Men crops growing, which are definitely adorable, and some silver, yet snow covered fencing in the very bottom right-hand corner of the screenshot.

As for any specific tips from Zynga, we're simply told that we should "[g]et ready for a Holiday hijinks and snowy surprises coming soon." Oh, I'm ready Zynga. I'm definitely, definitely ready.

Are you excited to learn more about this Winter Wonderland farm, coming soon to FarmVille? Will you pay Farm Cash to access the farm early, assuming that sort of option is once again available for this farm? Sound off in the comments.