FarmVille: Win early access to Winter Wonderland through new contest

If you're like me, you're probably eagerly counting down the days and even minutes until you can step your virtual feet into FarmVille's fourth farm, the Winter Wonderland. Similar to a setup with the Lighthouse Cove, Zynga is taking advantage of your excitement by offering a contest to some very lucky farmers - 50 of them, to be exact - who will be given early access to the Winter Wonderland farm for winning a new "Winter Wonderland Escape" caption contest being held on the game's forums.

This caption contest presents you with the image above, or a duck that finds himself in a precarious situation under the snow. You'll have the option of writing up to two sentences that describes the picture, and, as Zynga says, "captures the essence of the characters." You can interpret that however you'd like; just make sure that your entry is clever and family-friendly and you'll have a chance to win!

The winners of the contest will be chosen by the FarmVille team and will be announced on Saturday, November 26. This sets up a pretty convenient time frame, if you think about it. Could it be that these lucky winners will receive access on the 26, and then the entire farm will open up to everyone on December 1? Either way, this contest is free to enter, and you really have nothing to lose, so why not take a shot at it? If you do win early access to Winter Wonderland, make sure to let us know how it is!

Will you try to win early access to Winter Wonderland via this caption contest, or will you wait until it becomes freely available to all players instead? Let us know in the comments.