FarmVille Pic of the Day: Michelle Jollie's farm is pretty as a flower

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Look, Ma! No hay bales! Ok, so it's not entirely without hay bales, but Michelle Jollie may have crafted one of the simplest looking, yet ingenious FarmVille farms to date.

FarmVille Glass House
FarmVille Glass House

Zoomed out, all you see is a single, bright red flower growing from the grass on a sunny day. Zoomed in, you'll see that the 'flower' is actually composed of hay bales for the head, hedges for the stem, and trees for the leaves. The 'grass' is made up of many green treetops, and even the 'sun' is made out of trees. Though it's hard to tell in the screenshot, the 'clouds' might actually be made of cows. But what's most amazing is the farm's sky, which is made out of nearly 200 Glass Houses!

Not to be confused with the Green House, the Botanical Garden or even the iPhone exclusive Green House Cube, the Glass Houses used by Michelle Jollie cost 100K Coins each in the FarmVille Market. This means she must've spent at least 200 million FarmVille Coins to build that sky. Talk about amazing.

Can you tell exactly how many Glass Houses there are?
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