FarmVille Autumn Items: Multi-Color Corn, Striped Maple Tree and more

Tonight's FarmVille update will give even the most traditional farmer a cause for celebration. If you're the kind of player that likes to master each and every crop released in the game, make sure to take a note of the special Mutli-Color Corn that has launched in the Autumn theme this evening. On top of this crop, there are new trees, animals and more to take a look at, so let's get started on our overview of what to expect if you head into the store in the near future.


Multi-Color Corn - 15 coins

To be specific, each square of Multi-Color Corn planted will cost 15 coins, and will be ready to harvest in 10 hours. You'll earn two experience points for each plot planted, and will be able to sell the corn for 90 coins per square when it's mature. The first star of mastery for this crop comes after 650 harvests, and it will be available to grow for the next 27 days, no permit required.


Striped Maple Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Paperbark Maple Tree - 12 Farm Cash

As usual, only purchase the Striped Maple Tree from the store, as you can claim the Paperbark Maple as a Mystery Seedling from friends, or from your own Orchards.


Longwool Sheep - 16 Farm Cash
Red Devon Ox - 20 Farm Cash
Spotted Draft Horse - 26 Farm Cash

None of these animals particularly scream "Autumn;" that is, the don't come with funny outfits or hats. While that's not entirely a bad thing, if you're a fan of more whimsical animals, you're out of luck with this update.


Clapboard House - 15 Farm Cash

As far as buildings in FarmVille go, this one is fairly average, both in terms of size and height. If you're looking for a smaller building to fill in a gap in your Lighthouse Cove village, for instance, you might want to take a look at this one.


Colonial Fence - 7,000 coins
Colonial Carriage - 12 Farm Cash
Wool Spinning Wheel - 30,000 coins

If you're looking to only spend coins in this update, at least we've finally found a couple of items that will be available to you. However, if you're fine spending Farm Cash and purchase most of the items in this update, you'll receive a Chieften Gnome as a prize in your game.

For the majority of these items (save for the crop and the Chieften Gnome), these items will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks. if you'll be busy with holiday preparations and celebrations during that time, make sure to check out the store at some point so you don't regret missing out on one of these items! Believe me, I've done it - you don't want to be me!

What do you think of these new items in the Autumn item theme? Which ones will you purchase for your farm(s), and which ones will you pass on for now? Let us know in the comments.