Divorcing? Don't Do What Demi May Have Done

Let's preface this by saying Demi Moore didn't call us to consult on her plan to divorce Ashton Kutcher (or anything else for that matter). So we really don't know about any existing or non-existing pre-nups, legal agreements or much of anything else that transpired in their marriage and pre-divorce planning.

But what we do know is that shortly after they married, Moore took her Beverly Hills house out of one blind trust (an entity known as the "4770 Trust") and created another blind trust (called the "Tree House Trust"). Using even our limited powers of deduction, we'd have to assume this was to add his name to her house.

Love, being blind and all, causes us to do crazy things. And this may be one of her crazier ones. Why give away half your house? Since this is California, a community property state, the gesture may have been moot anyway, but still: Is there a lesson here to be learned about protecting one's assets when one marries someone much younger and less established?

According to public records, Moore bought the home in 2003 for $3.15 million. She married Kutcher in September 2005 and then several months later in 2006 moved the ownership of the house to the new trust. So does this mean that in 2006, Moore handed Kutcher a very handsome gift worth millions?

The contemporary house was built in 1957 and sits on about an acre. Moore and Kutcher expanded it to 6,716 square feet; it was featured in Architectural Digest. Photos show it has walls of windows, mahogany, teak and Brazilian rosewood cabinets, a beautiful pool, deck and koi ponds.

Kutcher meanwhile appears to be having a little real estate sell-off of his own. In 2009, public records show that he sold a pre-Demi five-bedroom 4,860-square-foot Beverly Hills house he owned for $3.675 million; he bought the home through his Vista Street Trust in May 2001 for $1.69 million.

Kutcher leased that house out when he and Moore got together, but not before claiming that this was the place where he partied with President Bush's twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara -- underage at the time.

Kutcher also sold another property that he owned last June for $2.35 million. It is believed that he bought this house for investment purposes and never lived in it.

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