A Dunkin' Donuts coffee maker is just now hitting The Sims Social?

Dunkin'-Matic 500
Dunkin'-Matic 500

Dunkin' Donuts started its long-running promotion with The Sims Social by allowing players to send each other donuts and coffee. Then, EA and Playfish put out a Dunkin' Donuts themed ... lawn chair. Finally, the breakfast chain gets right to the point with a coffee maker. Meet the Dunkin'-Matic 500, a free item you can get by visiting the company's Facebook page. (Or you can just click on this link, thanks to The Sims Social Fansite.)

The item doesn't provide any particular bonuses, but lets your Sim brew either his own cup of regular joe or a mug of "Dunkin' Coffee." Both of which have the same exact effect: ups your little guy or gal's Sleep status while reducing Bladder status. Hey, at least Playfish scores points for accuracy. And considering the initial announcement pegged the promotion for a whopping six months, we're sure there's more where this came from.

Branding and advertisement have effectively become the norm in the most popular Facebook games. Best Buy has been all over CityVille, for instance. (Well, so has Enrique Iglesias, oddly enough.) Some companies are cutting out the middleman altogether and having full-blown games made around their brands. Hell, Storage Wars just got its own social game. It makes you wonder: How long before we see "Dunkin' Dash?" (Get it?)

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