Game of the Day: Steak and Jake - Midnight March

steak and jake midnight march game of the day
Though Halloween has passed, today's Game of the Day takes us back to the night of frights with Steak and Jake: Midnight March.

No one's quite sure why these two pals decided to go for a walk at midnight with danger looming. But even so, you'll need to help Steak and Jake guide the marching Ghouls safely along the trail to successfully deliver jack-o'-lanterns and milk. You'll need to multi-task in this puzzle-platformer. On the bottom of half of the screen, you'll need to match three colored balls of a kind, with Jake the color-changing bird. Then on the top half of the screen, use the colors to fill in hazards and destroy enemies. You'll have to clear the trail and make it safe, or Jake and Steak will never make it home!

Folks, this isn't your average match-three game. Matching three of a kind is only half the battle. You'll need to be quick and precise to help Jake and Steak stay safe on Halloween. Think you're up for the challenge? Check out Steak and Jake: Midnight March below!

Click here to play Steak and Jake: Midnight March!
steak and jake midnight march game of the daysteak and jake midnight march game of the day
How far were you able to get in Steak and Jake: Midnight March?
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