You named your Sim that, really?

sim social whats in a name
sim social whats in a name

In this new video, Sims Social creators talk about the names they gave their virtual counterparts. I was fully expecting to hear punny names like Richard Simmons or Captain Sim T. Kirk, but instead get a round of less-than-inspired noms de plume.

There's Hannah who named her sim Hannah M ("What the M stands for is a secret," she says) and another guy who hops into the wayback machine to revive Seymour Butts from an old Simpsons episode. Blah.

Well, on second viewing I guess they're not all that bad. I like Chorna the Trekkie's "Jim Bones," and how can you not love Lauren's ode to Brad Pitt (her Sim's is named "Lauren Pitt'). As for that "Awesome" guy -- not sure how much a name like that helps you flirt with the ladies, but I guess anything's possible in the simulated town of Littlehaven.

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