Pioneer Trail Wikiwah Tribe Goals: Everything you need to know

After the launch of the Little Crow event in Pioneer Trail, Bess has tried to form a friendship with Little Crow, and now wants to show her what it's like to be a cowgirl. You'll achieve this through a new event called "Thunder Moon and the Wikiwah Tribe." Apparently, Thunder Moon doesn't respect Bess quite enough to allow for such "tutoring," so you'll need to help Bess earn that respect through a series of goals, with some being one-time-only and some being repeatable.

First, the main goals.

Running to Dad

  • Have a Shaman Lodge

  • Harvest 30 Flax on your Homestead

  • Collect 10 Kippy's Belts

First and foremost, if you haven't completed the construction your Shaman Lodge yet, this guide will apparently automatically complete it for you. Too bad we all hadn't known that weeks ago, when we took the time to complete it ourselves, but that's another argument altogether. For the Kippy Belts, you'll need to ask your friends through a general gift request to send it to you. Flax, meanwhile, takes eight hours to grow. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 300 XP, 500 coins and a Holstein Cow.

Earn Your Feathers

  • View Respect Meter

  • Complete 4 Wikiwah Respect Goals

  • Tend a Spirit Eagle on your Homestead

A Spirit Eagle is earned by having 500 Wikiwah Respect. The only way you'll earn that much Respect is by going through a series of three goals over and over again until you've accumulated that much. Since there are only three goals, you'll need to complete at least one a second time for the second task above anyway, so I hope you're prepared for a long, drawn-out process to earn the Respect you require.

As you complete these three goals, you'll have a chance to earn five items, including the Spirit Eagle:

  • Medical Stick - 50 Respect

  • Ritual Drums - 100 Respect

  • Elderberry Tree - 175 Respect

  • White Sage - 300 Respect

  • Spirit Eagle - 500 Respect

Now, what are the goals exactly that will help you earn this Respect? Why, I thought you'd never ask!

Tend the Wild Frontier

  • Find and Heal and Injured Otter

  • Tend 20 Adult Moose on your Homestead

  • Tend 20 Adult Sheep on Neighbors' Homsteads

To find an Otter, you'll need to either tend debris, or hit the "Find Otter" button within this goal's window to automatically generate one. You'll need to gather Otter Milk to nurse it back to full health. Finishing this goal gives you 25 Wikiwah Respect points, along with 300 XP and 600 coins.

Respect the Tribe

  • Make an Offering in the Shaman Lodge

  • Harvest 40 Peas on your Homestead

  • Harvest 30 Apricot Trees on your Homestead

And now it makes so much sense why the Shaman Lodge was required here. Instead of having a new building to complete, you'll instead need to collect materials for an offering at the lodge. You need eight each of Smudge Fans, Prayer Feathers and Long-burning Logs (each of which are earned by sending out individual requests to friends), along with six each of Spiritual Visions, Ceremonial Fires and Cedar Incenses, which are all earned through general news items posted on your wall. Finishing this second repeatable goal gives you 600 XP, 75 Respect and a Spirit Vision Mystery Box.

Living Off the Land

  • Craft 2 Native Moccasins

  • Clear 10 Rocks on your Homestead

  • Clear 15 Stumps on your Homestead

The Native Moccasins are crafted inside the Shaman Lodge, using two Moccasins and three Colored Beads each. However, the Moccasins themselves are also a craft project, requiring 10 Leather Hides and eight Moccasin Soles each. You can earn these items by asking your friends to send them to you. When you finish this third goal, you'll receive 125 Respect, 900 XP and two Spirit Vision Mystery Boxes.

At this point, you'll need to go back and complete as many of these goals as is required to hit the 500 Respect total, that is, if you care about completing the main goal above. There doesn't look to be a time limit on finishing these goals, so go ahead and finish off some other things - perhaps the Stolen Flames timed goal - before making your way into this lengthy process.

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What do you think of this Wikiwah Tribe set of goals? Are you a fan of repeatable goals in Pioneer Trail, or would you prefer to get something over and done with just once? Sound off in the comments.