FarmVille Pic of the Day: Christmas arrives a month early on Tamilyn3's farm

farmville tamilyn3 christmas farm
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We haven't even been through Thanksgiving yet, but that hasn't stopped Tamilyn3 from embracing the Christmas spirit early this year in FarmVille. This spectacular farm sports incredible optical illusions and a plethora of carefully placed festive FarmVille winter items.

Though the farm is rather crowded compared to some other farms we've seen, the precise symmetry and patterns definitely make up for it. The optical illusions on Tamilyn3's farm are so good I almost forgot there isn't a "build wall" or "raise ground" tool in FarmVille. All you farm artists stand to learn something from Tamilyn3's design. By placing trees on top of her optical illusion walls, it appears as though the mountain actually rises up in front and above the boundary of the farm, creating a more believable effect. Usually, one of the shortcomings of such an illusion is that the raised ground is bound by the farm's walls, making it pretty clear that there is some hay bale and item trickery going on.

The only potential complaint I have about Tamilyn3's farm is that there is no snow on the ground! Perhaps this was a deliberate decision on behalf of the farm artist, but I personally would have opted for the white winter wonderland skin to go along with those great holiday items. That's quite a collection Tamilyn3. Thanks for getting us all in the holiday spirit a little early. Keep up the good work!

What do you think of Tamilyn3's winter farm?

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