FarmVille Harvest Bonfire Thanksgiving Basket: Everything you need to know


If you've been busy working on your Harvest Hoedown barn in FarmVille, and have more Scraps of Lumber than you know what to do with, then it's time to do a dance, farmers, as you now have somewhere to put them! That's right, another collection event has launched in the game, this time themed for Thanksgiving. The Harvest Bonfire Thanksgiving Basket (or just Harvest Bonfire, for short), will be given to you for free just as soon as this update rolls around to your farm.

As usual, you'll need to collect various Thanksgiving-themed goodies (called "Supplies"), including those Scraps of Lumber, in order to fill your Harvest Bonfire to the brim, unlocking more items for your farm. There are six items to "win" in all; here's the lowdown:

  • 5 Supplies - Corn Maze Fence

  • 15 Supplies - Railroad Tie Bench

  • 35 Supplies - Iron Fire Pit

  • 75 Supplies - Bare Tree Decoration

  • 100 Supplies - Banjo Duck

  • 170 Supplies - Flannel Cow

As usual, you'll have a variety of different ways to earn these Supplies, the easiest of which is to simply ask your friends to send them to you. You can also claim bonuses from friends' wall posts as they gather Supplies themselves, or can purchase them outright for Farm Cash. Again, you'll also want to make sure you collect from your Harvest Hoedown on a daily basis, as you'll earn Supplies there as well.

Ultimately, this feature is like most other collection events in the game, but if you enjoy collecting exclusive or even just holiday/seasonally themed items in FarmVille, this is your chance at six of those items (seven, if you count the Flannel Calf that could come from the cow) for your farms. Why not take a shot at collecting all six? After all, it is free!

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What do you think of the prizes in the Harvest Bonfire collection event? Exciting or a big letdown? Will you try to earn all six prizes, or will you stop as soon as you earn enough for the Flannel Cow? Sound off in the comments.