CityVille Fall Mystery Game: Everything you need to know

Back during Halloween, Zynga released a new Mystery Game feature in CityVille that allowed you to win some enchanted or spooky items for your town. Now that the holiday season is rapidly approaching, the big Z looks to get a bit more City Cash out of you by restocking the game with Fall-themed items.

There are six items available to win in this newly re-colored Mystery Game, as CityVille forums users have been able to confirm for us.

  • Turkey (Common) - Decoration with a 3% payout bonus
  • Fall House (Common) - Home with 410-810 population
  • Barbershop (Uncommon) - Store that requires 70 Goods and gives out 411 coins
  • 20 Bonus Crew Members (Uncommon)
  • Department Store (Rare) - Not the same store that was already available
  • Fall Mansion (Rare) - Home with 590-1180 population

If you want a chance at any of these items, you'll be able to move the crane for 30 City Cash a pull. That's a pretty hefty price, but as of this writing, these items only look to be available through the game. As a nice gesture, we are given a single turn at the game for free. In my own attempt, for instance, I received the 20 Bonus Crew. Speaking of, this prize will allow you to fill in 20 crew spots within Community Buildings automatically, without having to ask your friends for help.

While these prizes might look enticing, I have to add a bit of a warning here, mayors. The Halloween Mystery Game was discounted to 30% off before the Halloween season ended, and there's nothing here telling us that the same thing won't happen. Perhaps as Thanksgiving ends or the Christmas season starts this game will be discounted as well. Either way, it doesn't hurt to wait a few days and see if you can save some City Cash, right?

Will you play the Fall Mystery Game in CityVille? Which of the six prizes above are you most hoping to walk away with? Which prizes have you won so far? Let us know in the comments.
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