Poll: Give us your CastleVille impressions; how's the latest 'Ville?

The next game in the famous 'Ville franchise on Facebook is officially live. CastleVille is open for all the play, and in just one day the game has amassed 140,000 players, according to AppData. We know that developer Zynga Dallas is already quite proud of the game. And aside from a few game-freezing bugs, we're enjoying the game as well (at least this writer is).

Most notable are the game's soundtrack and artwork, which are probably the most robust seen in this type of Facebook game to date. And we're especially digging the game's focus on choice and clever, strategic kingdom design to get ahead. The game rewards players for being smart about the way in which they position things and how they choose to explore the world.

While CastleVille features many of the same trappings as its predecessors, little touches like these are certainly welcome. But we want to know what your gut reactions to CastleVille are:

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