Cafe World Fall Feast Event: Everything you need to know

I have some bad news chefs. Whether you're into multitasking in Cafe World or not, there's no denying that the Cook-A-Thon event of 100 goals is something to behold. Sure, some power users may have already completed that entire event, but I'd take a pretty confident guess that most of you aren't even close (which is fine, by the way, as I'm not either). Adding another meal, if you will, to our already full plates, Zynga has launched the Fall / Thanksgiving themed event in the game, surrounding a Festive Table and a collectible item called Fall Invites.

So far, only a set of five goals - given by Amelia - is available to complete in the game (complete guide coming soon), and in the first goal, you'll be asked to build this Festive Table in your Cafe. The Festive Table's base is free, and it requires the following:

  • 8 Gravy Boats

  • 7 Linen Napkins

  • 8 Serving Platters

  • 9 Fall Centerpieces

The Gravy Boats and Serving Platters are earned through general news items posted on your wall, while the Linen Napkins and Fall Centerpieces are earned through individual requests sent out to friends.

Throughout this entire event, you'll have a chance to complete two goal series along with two Catering Orders. You'll be able to unlock eight dishes and two stoves along the way, and collect invites for finishing these activities that will give you chances to win Cafe Cash. In addition, you'll collect Traditional Recipe Cards throughout this event, with each friend that responds being given a spot at your Festive Table in your own game. It's like you're asking your friends over for Thanksgiving dinner, but with just as much work as in the real world!

For the Traditional Recipe Cards, you can only ask the same friend to send another once every 48 hours, but once they respond to a single request (regardless of how long it takes, or how many individual requests you've sent them), they will not be able to send you anymore cards. One friend equals one card, I'm sad to say.

We'll make sure to bring you detailed looks at the event's goals and catering orders just as soon as things start to launch in full in the game. In the meantime, this event has already been given a 19 day time limit, so don't delay!

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What do you think of this Fall Feast Event in Cafe World? Are you going to abandon your progress in the Cook-A-Thon event to start these Thanksgiving-themed activities, or will you try to complete everything at once? Sound off in the comments.