Zynga releases screens for Hidden Chronicles, coming soon to Facebook

After announcing the development of Hidden Chronicles back at Zynga Unleashed in October, Zynga has since created a Facebook fan page for the company's upcoming hidden object game on Facebook, and has recently started offering some new screenshots and artwork of the game.

We still don't have a release date for the new game, but we can see that the art is reminiscent of many of the genre's most popular PC download titles; that is, some of the environments look as though they're set in the past, with classic pieces of furniture, as but one example. We can also see some underwater art which is particularly pretty (perhaps we'll go snorkeling, looking for the lost treasure of a pirate ship?), and what looks to be a massive castle or temple reaching up into the sky. Could this mean that the game is setup similarly to Playdom's Gardens of Time, with differently themed areas to travel to across the entire game? Regardless, one thing that should be noted is that it looks like some scenes will be less cluttered than others, as the underwater shot above looks to contain only a few household items, while others in the gallery below have far larger junk piles.


As for further news, we'll make sure to stay on top of things, and will let you know just as soon as Hidden Chronicles launches on Facebook.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of this artwork in the comments. Is this a kind of game you can imagine yourself having fun with, or have you never really tried a hidden object game? Sound off in the comments.