8 Highest-Paying Master's Degrees

master's degree jobsBy Alina Dizik, Special to CareerBuilder

Just because you have a master's degree doesn't mean the payoff for your career will be higher. In fact, many master's degrees do not result in high financial returns but instead provide access to an exciting field or position. Of course, depending on what type of degree you choose to pursue, it's possible to have a high-paying career in a field you love. Choosing a high-paying master's degree is especially important if you're incurring debt. Many science-based master's degrees result in high salaries, but others, such as a master's degree in business administration, are also a safe bet. While entry-level pay can be average, five or 10 years after graduation it's possible to earn well into the six figures with a master's degree.

Here are eight high-paying master's degrees to consider:

1. Master's in engineering management

Sample job:Engineering manager

Pay: $124,995*

A postgraduate degree that bridges the gap between management concepts and engineering technology allows science buffs to learn the business side of the field. Students get quantitative analysis tools with a business twist to help companies get concepts off the ground.

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2. Master's in physics

Sample job:Physicist

Pay: $103,388

Steeped in science with practical applications, a postgraduate physics degree can open the doors to research and development. Areas include quantum physics, solar physics and atmospheric physics. As an alternative, applied physics master's programs have a bigger focus on skills needed for jobs at large corporations.

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3. Doctor of Pharmacy

Sample job:Pharmacist

Pay: $117,475

Pharmacists in the U.S. must complete a Pharm.D. degree, instead of a master's degree, before being allowed to practice. The four-year degree helps pharmacists develop an understanding of prescription drugs and their influences on the human body. Graduates who hold Pharm.D. degrees can often teach college-level classes in pharmacology.

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4. Master's in petroleum engineering

Sample job:Petroleum engineer

Pay: $112,825

This degree prepares engineers for various areas of the petroleum energy industry. Engineers learn such things as how to work with mining and drilling systems and how to apply mathematical principles to design. Many petroleum engineers land jobs at the world's largest energy companies and have great perks.

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5. Master of Business Administration

Sample job:Chief executive officer

Pay: $422,882

This master's degree stresses real-world application, often preparing grads to go into the corporate sector. Respected in all areas of business, an MBA can help you jump up a few rungs on the corporate ladder; many business schools provide valuable recruiting opportunities.

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6. Master's in computer science

Sample job:Database administrator

Pay: $96,631

Sought after in the current tech boom, those with high-level experience have plenty of opportunities to work for some of the biggest names in the business. Students develop applications for areas such as computer security, computer games, databases and robotics. Specializing within the program can further improve one's job outlook.

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7. Master's in human resources management

Sample job:Human resources manager

Pay: $96,580

Working with job candidates to find the right fit in a company and dealing with personnel issues take an acute grasp of psychology and business know-how. Human resources managers must learn to deal with issues quickly and efficiently while keeping company goals in mind. In many organizations, HR managers play a vital role in helping the company function.

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8. Master's in economics

Sample job: Economist

Pay: $106,440

Working with economic theory, those with a postgraduate economics degree have plenty of options. Theory-focused degrees help prepare students for doctoral work in the field. Other economics degrees have real-world applications and help students move to roles in public finance or agricultural economics.

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*Salary estimates from CBSalary.com.

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