FarmVille Pic of the Day: Head for the hills on Ploughman's valley farm

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While it may not be as awesome as a replica of Hill Valley, Ploughman's ability to turn his flat, FarmVille farm into a valley of hills is still quite a sight. He calls it "FairyVale", but what stands out when you look at his farm aren't the pockets of Lady Gaga decor (see the Bedazzled Cottage in the southeast), but the large buildings topping each rounded apex like candles on a cake.

On the highest elevation of this farm sits the King Castle, completed with Gatehouses, Tower Bridges, and Castle Tower (from the English Countryside event). The Dutch Windmill rules the vantage of the east, while the English Castle, a reward from one of the Duke's many castle quests, sits to the west. Sandwiched between those two, is a central valley where you'll find a fully built Haunted Mansion from last year's Halloween with the Leprechaun's Cottage south of that.

Do you like Ploughman's design enough to copy it for your own farm?
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