Clerk's Mistake Makes Louisiana Man a Millionaire

By Dan Fastenberg

Clerk's mistake makes Louisiana man a millionaireMaybe the customer isn't always right.

When Robert Thibodaux Sr., a commissioner with the Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District, went to buy his weekly lottery tickets at the end of October, he aimed to purchase his usual ticket package. He spent $5 to buy two Lotto tickets, two Powerball tickets and one Easy 5 ticket, according to an Associated Press report. Instead, the powerplay option was accidentally added to the tickets, bumping up his initial purchase by $2.

Instead of crying foul, Thibodaux went along with the new purchase, and ponied up the extra funds he was now being asked to pay. It so turns out the errant ticket turned up a winner, and Thibodaux walked away with a $1 million pot when all he would have won without the power play would have been $200,000.

Upon hearing the news of his victory, Thibodaux didn't hesitate to spread the wealth.

"You made me a millionaire. That being said, I have a check for you," he reported to the clerk upon greeting her, according to a report by UPI. In fact, Thibodaux's winning ticket was just one instance of serendipity related to the lotto win. He bought the ticket from a woman with his same last name, Jaime Thibodaux, and in a Shop-Rite located in a town that also shared the name of Thibodaux, Louisiana.

While the amount of victory money that was exchanged between the Thibodauxs hasn't been disclosed, it was reported that Thibodaux walked away from the lottery with a total $700,000 after taxes. He also is said to be planning to build a house on the bayou for his wife.

An errant victory is not unprecedented in this year's lotteries across the nation. As was covered on AOL Jobs last month, a Georgia prom dress attendant won $25 million in October when a Decatur Shell Food mart clerk doled out Mega Millions and Powerball tickets even though only the former had been purchased.

The woman, Kathy Scruggs, also planned to buy a house with the earnings for her family. But she also told the media she planned to start foundations for the homeless.

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