CastleVille Cheats & Tips: Paint your buildings for a unique look

While building large Barracks, Workshops, and Cottages in Zynga's newest Facebook game CastleVille might be fun, I'd be surprised if you weren't quickly overwhelmed by the many shades of orange, red and brown that comprise most of these buildings. Sure, sticking to a theme is fine, but what if you want your kingdom to be a bit more colorful? What if your favorite color is purple, and all of these red and brown buildings simply won't do? Just as you were given plentiful options for changing the colors of your avatar's outfit, so too are you given options to paint your buildings.

To repaint a building, you'll want to activate the Paint tool from the game's menu in the bottom right corner of the screen. Just click on the green "Move" arrow, and you'll see a set of four icons appear across the bottom of the gameplay area. On the far left, you'll see a painter's palette. Clicking on this button activates "Design Mode" in the game. Now, it should be noted that you won't be allowed to repaint every building, with those that belong to Yvette and Rafael being too examples of buildings that are off-limits. However, you can easily tell which building you can paint and which you can't by simply hovering over it. If it has an orange outline while hovering, feel free to paint away!

Once you click on a building, a small color-selector will appear to the right of the structure. For most buildings, it looks like we'll have two color options to choose from - one for the primary color of a building, and one for a more secondary color. Let's take the basic Cottage, for instance. The top color square (the blue one in the image below) allows you to change the color of the building's roof, while clicking on the second square allows you to change the color of the cottage's door. The same eight colors are available for both the door and the roof, so feel free to make them match or contrast! It's all up to you, and it's free!

As another example, let's look at the Barracks. Now, luckily, you don't even have to have a building completely constructed to be able to paint it. If you're still waiting on four friends to come help you build your Barracks, that doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful, customized building to come to when it's done. For the Barracks, your first choice is for the roof, while the second color choice alters the flags that fly atop the building's two towers.

Again, not all of the game's buildings are currently allowed to be painted, but if you take a few minutes to paint the others, you'll be left with a customized, completely unique kingdom that's different from your friends' kingdoms and just how you want it! What could be better?!

Did you know that you could repaint buildings in your kingdom in CastleVille? What color theme are you going to choose for your kingdom? Will each building be a different color, or will you stick with just one or two? Share your decorating ideas with us in the comments!
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