Cafe World Health Inspector Goals: Everything you need to know

Alright chefs, don't panic, but I have some stressful news when it comes to Cafe World's story: a Health Inspector has sent you a letter, giving you fair warning that your cafe is about to be inspected! Quick, someone grab the disinfectant! Better yet, let's complete some preparation goals instead (yeah, I have no idea how cooking more food is going to make your cafe clean either, but go with me here). This goal series has eight parts, which seems a bit outlandish considering the massive Cook-A-Thon event that's currently taking place in the game as well, but at least there don't seem to be any time limits associated with this set. Here's what you can expect from these goals, when you finally decide to start them.

Health Inspector

  • Serve 30 Dishes

  • Ask for 8 Latex Gloves

  • Ask for 5 Sneeze Guard

Yep - you guessed it. This is another series of goals where you'll be asked to serve random dishes. At the end of the entire series, your overall cooking time will be similar (if not exactly the same) to everyone else, but there's unfortunately no way for us to confirm what each and every individual user will have to cook. Believe me, if I could, I would.

Button Up the Staff

  • Ask for 8 New Uniforms

  • Ask for 6 New Name Badges

  • Serve 45 Dishes

Apparently, your current staff are slobs, so you'll need to ask your friends to send you new, clean uniforms and name tags so they'll look presentable to the Health Inspector. You'll receive the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich dish for finishing this goal.

Back of the House

  • Ask for 7 Scrub Brushes

  • Serve 35 Dishes

  • Master Buffalo Chicken Sandwich through Level 1

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich takes four hours to cook, and requires a whopping 40 points for the first level of mastery. Good luck multitasking that with the Cook-A-Thon goals. Finishing this goal gives you 1000 coins and 150 Cafe Points.

Front of the House

  • Ask for 6 Jars of Wood Polish

  • Ask for 8 Brooms

  • Serve 50 Dishes

A pretty straight-forward goal here. Just ask your friends for the Wood Polish and Brooms to do some furniture and floor cleaning and you'll receive 1200 coins and 150 Cafe Points for finishing this goal.
Heard a Rumor

  • Serve 20 Dishes

  • Serve 12 Dishes

  • Ask for 10 Tongs

At this point, things become a bit more serious, as word on the street is that this particular Health Inspector shuts everyone he investigates down. You're on thin ice now! For finishing this goal, you'll receive the BBQ Sauce ingredient for the Signature Dish feature.

He's Here!

  • Master Buffalo Chicken Sandwich through Level 2

  • Ask for 8 Candles

  • Serve 60 Random Dish

These final three goals deal with the Health Inspector's visit to your cafe, so be on your best behavior and you'll pass with flying colors.

Not Done Yet

  • Ask for 6 Four Leaf Clovers

  • Serve 20 Dishes

  • Ask for 5 "think of You" cards

Apparently, you'll need just a bit of luck, which is where the Clover comes in. Otherwise, this is another straightforward goal; only one more before you'll find out if your cafe makes the grade!


  • Ask for 10 Approval Certificates

  • Master Buffalo Chicken Sandwich through Level 3

  • Serve 60 Dishes

Isn't that a bit like cheating, if we're asking for our own Approval Certificates? Either way, once you make it this far, you'll find out that your cafe actually has passed the Health Inspector's review, and you'll receive another new dish for your trouble: Ginger Glazed Mahi Mahi. Good work!

[Via Cafe World Wiki]

What do you think of these Health Inspector goals? Is it reasonable for Zynga to release more goals in the midst of the Cook-A-Thon event in the game, even if they don't come with time limits, or do you love continuing to receive new stuff to work on regardless? Sound off in the comments.