Bejeweled 2 to bedazzle Kindle Fire along with Scrabble, Monopoly et al

Bejeweled 2
Bejeweled 2

The Kindle Fire could approach "Blazing Speed" before it's even released. (Get it? No? Ah, never mind.) EA Mobile has announced that a number of its mobile social game properties (and one rather "hardcore" game) have been pushed to the Amazon Appstore for Android and optimized for the upcoming Kindle Fire tablet.

Namely Bejeweled 2, Monopoly, The Game of Life and Scrabble will be available when the Kindle Fire launches. But those three games are also joined by Tetris (which is damn near everywhere) and survival horror hit Dead Space. When Zynga announced that Words With Friends would hit the Kindle Fire, we wondered whether that was a sign that the device might be hot on social gaming.

Now that versions of two of the most addictive Facebook games to date will be featured on Kindle Fire, we're certainly getting warmer. No, wait, that's just our credit cards burning holes in our wallets.

"EA is proud to be part of Kindle Fire," EA's Bernard Kim said, according to Social Times. "On Kindle Fire, we're offering some of the world's most popular titles with incredible gameplay and breathtaking graphics that anyone can play and enjoy anytime, anywhere." Does "incredible graphics" mean we'll finally get to see those wooden word tiles in HD, grains and all?

Do you plan on picking up a Kindle Fire when it releases? Could the device prove to be a hotbed for mobile social gaming like the iOS lineup has? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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