When Super Mario 3D Land hits Times Square, fans freak out [Video]

Dude in Tanooki Suit
Dude in Tanooki Suit

Look, we both know that Super Mario is kind of a big deal. When a new game featuring the plumber in red and blue leaps into release, it almost always sets the standard for whatever Nintendo machine it lands on to much fanfare. But we had no idea that said fanfare could ever surpass "Nintendo 64 Kid" levels. That is, until Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS arrived.

To honor Mario's long-awaited entrance into the third dimension, Nintendo transformed a part of Times Square in New York City into a real-life chunk of the Mushroom Kingdom. And the results are entertaining, to say the least. Between trained stunt artists leaping around like Mario and a dude dressed up like a raccoonTanooki, dude knows how to draw a crowd. Well, at least a crowd of super Super Mario fans. Who knows, this just may be what the 3DS needs.

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