Simplehuman Facebook game delivers squeaky clean fun and prizes

Simplehuman Made for Each Other memory Facebook gameIf brushed nickel sensor pumps and liquid soap refills rock your world, then you need to check out "Made for Each Other", a Facebook advergame created by Hello Design to promote Simplehuman's latest soap products. Best known for their stainless steel, foot-activated trash cans, Simplehuman is a Canadian maker of household goods, designed to live up to their company motto of "tools for efficient living".

Launched today, Made for Each Other is a memory game where you click to match tiles in the quickest time possible. Examples of winning matches are ketchup and french fries, a bear and honey, needle and thread, salt and pepper, et al.

A timer at the top right of the game lets you know how long you've been playing. When you've matched everything, you have the option to share your score with friends.
Simplehuman prizes
Twenty-five exclusive prizes are being offered for the 25 fastest players. You can see the leading 25 players on the game's leaderboard, along with how fast they are. As of this writing, Ryan Skipple holds an amazing lead time of 8 seconds and 43 milliseconds. The slowest players average about 12 seconds each. (My fastest time so far has been 18 seconds.)
Simplehuman Leaderboard
While there's no telling how long the game will stick around, the giveaway contest will only last until November 21. Players still on the leaderboard by 9:00 p.m. PT of that date will be declared the winners. For the full details of this promotion, click here. To play, you must first 'Like' the Simplehuman Facebook page.

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