FarmVille: Purchase a Zynga Game Card from 7-Eleven, receive Cornucopia Home

If you're looking to purchase some Farm Cash in FarmVille, but don't want to wait until the plush Christmas ornament promotion has actually started to do so, you'll be happy to know that you'll still walk away with a pretty cool prize with your purchase, that is, if you purchase it from 7-Eleven. From now until November 24, if you purchase a Zynga Game Card from 7-Eleven (and only from 7-Eleven - that can't be stressed enough), you'll receive a free Cornucopia Home.

This Cornucopia Home fits in with the current Autumn limited edition items that are in the store, and eventually with the Bonfire collection event that we'll see for Thanksgiving. Again, this item looks to only be available via this one promotion (it hasn't yet been made available in the store yet), and while yes, this was originally released in Thanksgiving's event last year, if you didn't have a chance to pick one up then (it cost 15 Farm Cash at the time), why not purchase a Game Card now, to receive the home for free? You'll walk away with plenty of Farm Cash to spend on new items, plus the free home. That's not a bad deal, if you ask me.

Just remember to buy a Zynga Game Card before November 24, if you want in on this deal. After that point, it's going to be "all Christmas, all the time."

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Will you make a special trip to 7-Eleven just to receive this free Cornucopia Home, or will you wait until the Christmas Zynga Game Card promotion launches at Best Buy instead? Sound off in the comments.