FarmVille Raffle Booth (11/13/11): Bay Andalusian Horse and Flower Bridge up for grabs

Attention FarmVille Horse collectors! This is definitely a week where you'll want to pay attention to the FarmVille Raffle Booth, as the grand prize is now a new horse. If you haven't traded in your Raffle Tickets from last week's game, you'll need to do that first, and then start this week fresh with just a single ticket (and hopefully a lot of luck)! You'll have five prizes up for grabs this week, with the lesser three being those you expect. Here are the odds for this week's series of items:

10 Special Delivery Boxes - 1:5
3 Farmhands - 1:20
5 Love Potions - 1:50
Flower Bridge - 1:200
Bay Andalusian Horse - 1:500

Now, the Flower Bridge has been seen in the game before, as a decoration available way back in the New England event of 2010. It's also been re-released since then as a Birthday Classics item, so hopefully you'll win the horse instead of this, so you won't have a duplicate. As always, the only way to win is to try, so you'll need to ask your friends for as many Raffle Tickets within the next seven days as you can.

I personally have yet to win anything greater than the Love Potions from these raffles, regardless of having dozens of tickets each week. But hey, someone has to be winning these items, right? So why not you? Good luck winning the top two items in this week's raffle!

Will you collect extra tickets this week in hopes of winning the horse? What's the best prize you've won from a FarmVille Raffle Booth drawing? Sound off in the comments.