FarmVille Pic of the Day: Orchards curl and swirl on Sidecarsally's farm

FarmVille farm art orchard
FarmVille farm art orchard

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If you ever get bored of stacking trees in rows, this swirly orchard FarmVille farm is the way to go. Coming from a Zynga forum first-timer, Sidecarsally, this farm's stark background, stripped of all the FarmVille menu options, and its heavy use of lined treetops to generate depth, makes me think that Sidecarsally might've been influenced by Brayzdin.

At least forty different kinds of trees coil around various buildings on the east side of this farm, the most visible being the Mini Stonehenge to the south. There's almost something tentacle-like about the last wisps curled on the bottom, approaching the terraced plots. While we're at it, I'd like to point out those plots were carefully arranged to give the appearance of raised steps.

Because the west side of the farm is so rounded, while the east side is so unremarkable and flat, you'd almost think this farm is a work-in-progress, but Sidecarsally still submitted it for last week's Farm of the Week contest.

What other methods do you have to organize your orchards?
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