FarmVille: Christmas loading screen confirms fourth farm?

If all of the unreleased crops and trees dealing with Christmas in FarmVille weren't enough to confirm the existence of a fourth farm in the game - one that will be themed as a sort of "Winter Wonderland" - try this one on for size. A new loading screen launched into circulation this evening that all but confirms that this fourth farm will be coming in December.

We can see the Frozen (Icy?) Strawberries crop growing, some Candy Cane crop markers, a Peppermint Candy Market Stall, various evergreen trees, a Holly cluster, snowmen and winter animals, a few Christmas-themed buildings off to the side, and an overall themed landscape, with snow-covered grounds and what looks to be a pale blue, snowy background (the area that would appear outside the borders of your farm when looking at its edges or playing in full screen.

We can see that there will apparently be another "Save the Children" promotion this December, which might even give us the Snowman that's holding the sign as a reward, and the words "Do No Open 'Till December" stamped in the bottom right corner. Whether this means more details will be revealed on December 1 or if the whole farm will come shortly thereafter remains to be seen, but I can tell you one thing - I haven't personally be this excited about a new feature in FarmVille in a very long time.

As usual, we'll make sure to stay on top of things, and will let you know any further details about this supposed fourth farm as soon as we have them.

Have you spotted this loading screen when going into the game? What do you think of the various features shown there - the new crops, trees, etc.? Would you be willing to start planting crops and tending to a fourth farm, or will you skip this one entirely? Sound off in the comments.