CityVille Prodigy Studios: Everything you need to know

Like the City Symphony Community Building that came before it, another new arts and music themed building has launched along with a goal in CityVille this week: The Prodigy Studios building. Where the City Symphony was a theater for performing music, this new building is a recording studio for musical acts. It works in mostly the same way as the City Symphony building, however, and comes with its own goal to complete.

The goal requires you to just place the Prodigy Studios building into your town, and you'll receive 20,000 coins for doing so. At that point, you'll need to spend 11 energy to build the base into the frame. Keep in mind that if you delete this building from your town before it's completely built, it will lose all of its building progress and will go into your inventory for storage. That is, if you decide to pull it back out at a later date, you'll have to start all over from scratch.

After you've spent the 11 energy on the frame, you'll finish this Prodigy Studio's construction by inviting your friends to be on staff within it. You'll need 12 friends in total (or 12 Bonus Crew) to complete the job here, and will then have a Community Building that raises your maximum population cap by 5,000 citizens. That may not be as impressive a figure as that for the City Symphony, but keep in mind that you need to be level 40 to unlock that building, and only level 25 here.

Overall, this building isn't very large, but it's also not very visually impressive either. If you need a large population cap boost from a single building, then by all means build one, but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of users skipped it instead...

What do you think of this Prodigy Studios Community Building in CityVille? Will you build one in your town, or is your population cap already large enough to last you for quite some time? Share your thoughts on this building with us in the comments.