CityVille City Symphony: Everything you need to know

A new music and arts theme has launched in CityVille, bringing with it two new community buildings, one of which is the City Symphony. This one is special, however, as it comes with goal to complete as well, called "Encore Performance." You'll need to be at least Level 40 to access to this goal, and will then see the specific goal icon appear at the left side of your screen at that point. However, all this goal requires is that you simply place the building in your town. At that point, you'll receive 20,000 coins.

You'll have just 11 days to place the City Symphony into your town, but it isn't as simple as just placing it; you'll need to build the structure too. The building's frame takes 12 whacks, or 12 energy to build. It doesn't have too large of a base, but if you do decide to delete it from your town, you'll be able to find it again in your inventory. You'll lose all progress with building it if you do so, however, so keep that in mind.

Once the frame is built, you'll need to acquire various music-themed building materials with the help of friends. You'll need:

  • 6 Timpani

  • 6 Trumpets

  • 6 French Horns

  • 6 Harps

  • 6 Cellos

The Cello, Timpani and French Horns are earned through general wall posts asking all of your neighbors for help, while the other two ingredients are earned through specific requests sent to individual friends. Once you complete this community building's construction, you'll see that your maximum population cap has risen by 11,250 citizens. That's a massive boost, but even if it wasn't, the awesome, modern design of this building was more than enough incentive for me to want to complete one in my town.

How about you? Will you build the City Symphony building for the boost in population, or just because the building looks so cool? Share your thoughts on this one in the comments.