FarmVille Winter Holiday Items: Tinsel Gnome, Gold Tinsel Tree and more


With tonight's FarmVille update, we finally see a considerable number of items released in the Winter Holiday item theme. We've seen items released in this theme here and there over the past week or so, but now, the game is ready to celebrate with avatar costumes, animals, buildings and more! Here's a complete look at what's now available.


Silver Tinsel Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Gold Tinsel Tree - 14 Farm Cash

Here, instead of seeing a giant version of the same tree released in a pair, we see two different colors of decorations instead. Still, the same rule applies: there's no need to purchase the Gold Tinsel Tree as you can receive it for free from Mystery Seedlings.


Brown Spot Goat - 1 million coins
Giant Santa Sheep - 16 Farm Cash
Santa Sheep - 16 Farm Cash
Santa Dog - 12 Farm Cash
Santa Horse - 26 Farm Cash

What better way to make users spend Farm Cash than by offering giant and normally sized versions of the same animal. That's the case with the Santa Sheep above, so don't be surprised if we see additional animals released in the future with the same setup.


Holiday Cottage - 15 Farm Cash


Tinsel Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Candy Fence - 800 coins
Winter Teddy - 100,000 coins
Candy Arch - 2,000 coins

If you can't tell from the picture above, the Tinsel Gnome is a poor gnome that has found himself wrapped in garland. Meanwhile, the Candy Fence is the same candy-cane-designed fence that we've seen released in the game in previous Winter Holiday / Christmas events.

Avatar Costumes

Miss Santa - 15 Farm Cash
Snowman - 10 Farm Cash

Here, the two costumes are re-releases from previous years, so if you can't see either in your store, you likely already have it/them in your virtual closet.

All of these items (apparently with the exception of the Winter Teddy above) will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks. Keep in mind that we have yet to see the rest of the Thanksgiving items that will be released in the game as well, so you might want to save some coins / Farm Cash for that theme as well. Ah, who am I kidding? Bring on the Christmas cheer!

What do you think of these Winter Holiday items in FarmVille? Are you excited to see the theme launching so quickly this year, or would you prefer it Zynga waited until after Thanksgiving to release these Christmas-themed items? Sound off in the comments.