CityVille Governor's Run Act 3 Vance Goals: Everything you need to know

We've finally made it, mayors. The final part of Act 3 in the Governor's Run event in CityVille has finally be released, and if you've kept on top of things thus far, you'll have just one more Big Business representative to please: Vance. Vance may have a lot of money, but he likes to give back to charity too, and you'll need to help him do just that to earn his vote.

Charity Case

  • Ask for 10 Stuffed Animals

  • Collect from Emergency Clinic or Hospital three Times

  • Collect from Toy Store or Toy Tower 10 Times

For this goal, you'll need to ask your friends for the Stuffed Animals via a general news post placed on your wall. The Hospital / Emergency Clinic requirement doesn't require one or the other, so feel free to collect from both and save yourself some time. Finish this first goal and you'll receive the Charity Medical building, a Community Building that requires 12 staff members to operate, and offers a boost of 11,500 citizens to your maximum population cap.

Partners in Crime

  • Ask for 10 Fingerprints

  • Have a Level 5 Police Station

  • Capture 9 Bandits

This one might take you some time, depending on how dedicated you've been in capturing robbers to upgrade your Police Station. You'll need to capture nine of them for this goal alone, so at least that's a nice boost if you need it. Just remember to collect from businesses to have a chance to spawn bandits, and to always keep your police officers stocked with donuts. Finishing this goal gives you the Valor Industries building, a business that requires 500 Goods, but supplies 3,472 coins when done.

Ear to the Street

  • Ask for 10 Cell Phone Videos

  • Collect from Salvador's 9 Times

  • Unload 15 Sydney Sailboats

If you'll recall, Salvador's was another business you've unlocked during this Big Business section of the Governor's Run event. As for the Sydney Sailboats, these take eight hours to return, giving you time to wait for your friends to send you the Cell Phone Videos at the same time. Completing this goal gives you the Suspicious Meeting item, a decoration that gives you a 12% payout bonus to surrounding homes and businesses.

Wing Man

  • Ask for 5 Council Recommendations

  • Collect from City Hall, Court House or Capital Building nine times

  • Collect from Valor Industries 5 times

Again, the Community Building requirement doesn't involve choosing a specific building, so collect from all three at once, three days in a row, to finish this one off as quickly as possible. This marks the end of the Big Business series, and the end of the Governor's Run event as a whole, and for finishing this particular goal, you'll receive the Valor Mansion. Valor Mansion is a home that offers 3,600-6,600 population, and 525 coins in rent every day.

For finishing this entire Big Business trio of goals you'll receive the Liberty Monument, and if you've finished all three Acts, you'll receive the Statue of Liberty. There still isn't a time limit on these goals, so if you've been concentrating on other things, you can still make up for lost time by starting now. Just make sure that you do complete them eventually, as I doubt Zynga will allow them to stick around forever...

[Via CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these final goals in the Governor's Run event? How close are you to completing the entire thing? Have you already finished Acts 1 and 2 in their entirety? Sound off in the comments.